Assorted Music

by Chris Remo

Lyrics: Doot doo doot doo, doot doo doo Doot doo doot doo, doot doo, doo doo doo doo
AYAOTD 00:59
There's stories told of a treasure old It's the dream of every sailor If Blackbeard saw this hoard, he'd weep: "Me whole life was a failure!" 'Tis a finer jewel than Shambhala Treasure more than El Dorado Where the rum is good and men are free They call it Campo Santo Yo ho, yo ho Set sail for Campo Santo If we lose our lives, will it save our souls? Bring me home to Campo Santo They say this land is just a tale For which only fools have quested They say it's God's most tainted gift And that no man should possess it We've heard good men have lost their lives To the dream of Campo Santo But give us a map and a fair strong wind And we'll set sail on the 'morrow Yo ho, yo ho Set sail for Campo Santo If we lose our lives, will it save our souls? Bury me in Campo Santo So I take a drink as we crest the waves On a ship with a dead man's crew If I must kill Minos twice, I will And I'll kill his Minotaur too I may face me glory or me doom But when I die, I will die free Hang your rules and your dentist's tools It's Campo Santo for me So set sail for Campo Santo, boys This is the life for me.


Music that doesn't fit into full albums! These tracks can each be bought individually rather than as part of an album.


released December 8, 2013


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Chris Remo London, UK

Composer, designer, and writer currently at Valve.

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